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Over 15 years experience in digital media and video production.


Located between New York and Boston in Connecticut.  Working internationally.

Typically behind the camera on a documentary or commercial sets.

A diverse background in production, post-production and all things tech.

My current documentary work includes projects focused on the arts, medicine, natural history and science.  As a cinematographer, I have traveled across six continents to dozens of countries from Argentina to Uganda.  Life on the road has helped to create a unique style of 'minimalist' production, often working with small crews in challenging environments.

I have have been honored to receive recognition for my work, including several local Emmy Awards, and a national Emmy nomination for my cinematography work on the long-running PBS series "Nature".

When I'm not on the road I also very much enjoy working on projects of all sizes and shapes, from small non-profit videos to short narrative films.

Feel free to reach out to me via phone, text or social media!

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